If the chief butler had remembered Joseph immediately he got out of prison, maybe Joseph would have been freed. But, where would his freedom have taken him to?

Well, Joseph might have been taken back to Potiphar’s house where he would, definitely, have faced the temptation that came his way during his stay there. Of course, we never heard that Potiphar’s wife gave her life to God.. hehehe…

But was Potiphar’s house the plan of God for him?

There’s a very high tendency that Joseph wouldn’t have even been accepted back into Potiphar’s house. Which man would want to live with an adulterer under the same roof?
That was what they believed Joseph was.

Now, let’s say, Joseph ended up not being taken in, what would have been his lot?
He might have ended up on the street of Egypt trying to cater for himself, and maybe that would have been the time the lies his brothers told about him to their Fatherwould come to pass.
A wild animal might have seen him, torn him into pieces and ended his life.

You see, when God said in his word that all things works together for good to them that love Him, he meant what he said.

Joseph, most likely, would have felt bad when days, weeks, and months passed without him hearing from the Chief butler that promised to remember him.
It’s human to feel that way.

But you know, Joseph was forgotten at the wrong time, to be remembered at the right time.

He was forgotten at the time when his talents and gift would have meant nothing to the Egyptians.

And he was remembered at the point when no one but him could salvage the terrible situation of Egypt that was to be predicted by Pharaohs dream.

God never forgets His own. It might be that you are being forgotten at the wrong time to be remembered at the right time.
Hold On!

Your comments and thoughts will be deeply appreciated!


  1. I must confess, its inspiring. That reminds me of the quote by Leonard Ravenhill “God is not in a rush in doing his things but he never comes too late, he’s always on time”

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