Photo Credit: DAVID COHEN.

As I lay drenched in my thoughts; I stared curiously at the wall with hands stuck underneath my sides. I looked intently to detect the invisible writing on the wall. Maybe it would be able to explain how on earth I found myself in this mess.

I soliloquized and gave a sad smile. In a twinkling of an eye, I felt mysterious tears spill. For nothing was enough to express the anguish in my soul.

“How exactly did I get here?!” was the cricket crawling unhesitatingly on the streets of my mind; seeking a route for escape.

Unfortunately, I found not the answer in a good time, so I openly rehearsed my question.
For if you know not the answer to the first; maybe the second would be the best.

“Why on earth did I get here?!

I screamed.

These words echoed loudly in the empty room I found myself. Come to think of it, why won’t I cherish being alone? When the company of those humans I call my friends ain’t helping matters.

Then, I walked the path of space from my bed to the purple tiled floor. The floor was not a comfortable place to be. But, I thought within myself “When the invisible fails to be comfortable, then the visible should do the same.

again, I stared blankly, this time not at the wall but at the ceiling. Maybe the number of counts I make of the ceiling board would be converted to the “Hows and Whys” of my predicament.

Then from the atmosphere a voice walked in. Thunders and storms with lightening introduced its presence.
“Is it a call from the keepers of the gate of the skies? Are they about to release that flowing liquor to the earth again?” I thought.

Fear gripped me more than the

hold trees barks have on them. It was terrible!
From tormenting questions that didn’t see the daylight of answers to heart-rendering fears that met the dark and horrible night of loneliness.

Thinking that at least, now I’ve been tormented enough to get a reply to my host of questions; the voice said to me “I am the How and You are the Why.”

To be continued…

To get the full answer of the voice she heard, watch out for the next episode. Love you all!

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